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Submitted on
December 11, 2011
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I do not own any characters used
Mlp FiM belongs to Laurn Faust
I will Upload part 7 when I have enough time.


"Rainbow..?" Soarin's eyes looked into RainbowDash's, which seemed glued to the floor. RainbowDash flattened her ears and sighed. Looking back up to face Soarin, she cleared her throat "Now that you can have me you suddenly want me now that I'm with somepony else you tell me you love me, and now that I've finally moved on you say that you've missed me all along." She whispered faintly just enough for Soarin to hear, as Soarin's heart strings felt like RainbowDash was cutting them slowly and painfully. "RainbowDash...I...I'm sorry...It's just that I..." But RainbowDash gave a little laugh as anger pulsed through her blood. She backed up onto her hind legs, wanting to rip out all the anger she kept bottled up inside. "Who do you think you are?! Who do you think I am?!"
Soarin looked at her, surprised and took one step back. There was not a lot for him to say or do. "Dash, please, just come all out with what you want to say..." But RainbowDash just nodded and took another step forwards, looking sharply into Soarin's eyes, her pink rose eyes burning with frustration. Why couldn't Soarin leave her alone? Why did he have to express his love now? She felt so happy with BrayBurn....
"Soarin! You only love to see me breaking! You only want me cuz I'm taken! I know you. You KNOW I liked you! You didn't do ANYTHING about it did you? You acted like you were some sort of womanizer! Why? I know why! Because you don't really want my heart, you just like to know you can!" Anger boiled her blood and she stomped her hoof in the dirt. The only thing that mattered in her life was being torn apart by two guys. Her dream with the wonder bolts with a Jerk for a boyfriend, or a kind and humble life with a guy who cared about her. Her mind and heart were all over the place. "But you will always be the one who gets it breaking! You only want me because I'm taken!" She spat, swishing her tail storming off. She had said her bit. She wanted to run. Run far away from both BrayBurn and Soarin. She took to the skies and flapped her mighty wings, tearing though the air like an out of control missile.
"Wait up! Dash!"
"Yeah Dash hold up!"
Whisking her head around, BrayBurn was racing after her, looking up, running as fast as he could. But turning her head around, Soarin was hot on her trail. "WHAT PART OF LEAVE ME ALONE DONT YOU UNDERSTAND!" She skidded to a halt in the air, and slowly landed next to BrayBurn. But Soarin just sighed and looked down, also landing. Why did it have to be so difficult? "Hey, BrayBurn, can I speak to RainbowDash in private for a while?"
"Yes, I just don't want yall doin' anythin' you shouldn't!" And with a quick nod and a tip of his hat, Soarin lead RainbowDash away.  He flapped his wings and landed on a cloud. BrayBurn sighed and looked down at his hooves, feeling the soft push of air as RainbowDash flew up to join him.
BrayBurn chewed on his straw and looked down at his hooves, kicking a small stone. How was this going to work? He knew RainbowDash would always have issues with Soarin, even if they were good or bad. He also knew he was slowly crushing RainbowDash's heart and dreams. She was born to be a Pegasus. And, BrayBurn...just being a normal earth pony. He couldn't fly up to her house, go to Cloudstale or watch her in her air competitions.  He felt so hopeless, if RainbowDash's heart was really with Soarin's, he would let her fly away and be free. Starting to get annoyed with himself, he realised all the questions building in his head were true. They all had the same answer; Only Soarin could make RainbowDash happy. He sighed and stopped walking, sitting on a rock, admitting defeat.
RainbowDash fluttered her wings and landed beside Soarin, a annoyed look on her face. But Soarin just ginned and looked at his own hooves and started playing with pieces of cloud. "Well what is it, Soarin?" RainbowDash's voice was stubborn, like always. Soarin raised his head, so his green eyes could meet with her pink. "BrayBurn takes your hand I die a little. I see the way you look at him, why can't you look at me like that?" He said, still looking to RainbowDash's eyes. She flustered a bright shade of pink under her baby blue fur. "And when you walk by, I try to say it...but then I freeze, I never do it, my chest gets tight, and my tongue gets trapped." RainbowDash realised what he always wanted to tell her. But she wasn't sure whether to trust his every word, since she had last recalled him as a womanizer. "Then I hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever I'm near you..." RainbowDash couldn't bear to look at him anymore. She looked down, to the grass, but still focusing on what Soarin was saying. "But I see you, with him slow dancing and its tearing me apart because you don't see...and whenever you kiss him I'm breaking....Inside" RainbowDash flattened her ears and let her shades of pink show up on her fur. Why was he always making her hate him? But then why did he always want her to spring back? "Then BrayBurn looks at you, the way that I would and does all the things, I know that I could. Know what? I wish it was me with my hands on your flank when we dance in the moon light. I wish it was me that your calling around because you want to say good night. Because I only have 3 little words that I've been trying to tell you..." Then RainbowDash clicked. She turned to face him, cutting him off. "So, DID love me all this time?! You just didn't have the guts to say it? Wow...I'm amazed! The Wonderbolts always do daring and deadly tricks. But it makes me laugh how you can't even ask a girl out!" A sharp tone of sarcasm in her voice. But Soarin ignored that comment and placed his hoof on hers. "I wish it was me..." and for once. RainbowDash didn't pull away...
Oh my! Its been ages since I wrote my last Part so I thought I'd get it done today. Even though im ill now >.> Oh and I cant wait for the next Part! Im already sketching it up! AND I was listing to a band called One Direction and I used a few of there lines from I Wish and Taken. So some lines belong to One Direction!

Dont forgot :iconcommentplz:
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