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November 10, 2011
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I do not own any characters used
Mlp FiM belongs to Laurn Faust
I will Upload part 4 when I have enough time.


RainbowDash turned her head. Her pink eyes filled with wonder.
"Rainbowdash! Howdy!"
It was BrayBurn.
Rainbowdash breathed a heavy sigh of relief. And smiled warmly "Hey there Brayburn! Sorry about that...I kinda thought you were somebody else. Anyway, what brings you from Appleloosa to Pony Villie?" BrayBurn smiled, and finished chewing on a piece of straw that hung from his mouth. The Colt smiled proudly. "I am here to see Apple Jack. I wanted to catch up on her. Then I bumped into you." Rainbow smiled, she breathed in again, finally around a guy she didn't have to feel awaked around. "That's just great, and she's doing is your apple farm?" BrayBurn smiled and started shaking his head to a wild beat. "Rainbow, Talk later, dance now" He jumped onto the floor and shook his mane, dancing around with other ponies, spinning and dancing around. RainbowDash grinned and flew up and landed right next to him, fluttering her wings out. Head banging to a wild beat. Together they danced away. RainbowDash had completely forgotten about Soarin at this time. She didn't even notice him, doing his flying display in the air. "BrayBurn, you sure are fun" She grinned. But BrayBurn tilted his head towards the sky "Isn't that your boy friend? Soarin?" Breath suddenly caught in her thought. She stopped dancing and looked up. Soarin and the Wonderbolts where flipping and doing daring tricks in the sky. She flattend her ears and lowerd her voice. Looking away from the Wonder Bolts. "No BrayBurn, Soarin is NOT my boyfriend! And never will be!" She stomped her foot and flipped her mane. Annoyedwith BrayBurn. She felt safe around him. "Okay, I'm sorry Dash" RainbowDash flipped around. No pony had ever called her Dash apart from Soarin. Could she really get that close to BrayBurn in just one night? "Um, BrayBurn. I have to go now...Its..Umm...Late?" She looked down at her hoofs and swept past him. She shot up into the air and flew away. Trails of Rainbows shoot out from behind her. "RAINBOWDASH WAIT UP!" But RainbowDash was too far away to hear BrayBurn now.
She couldn't believe it. How had she gotten so close to BrayBurn in just a few hours? Even though they had only met 2 times. She felt like she had known him for ever. She suddenly slowed right down, casting a sad look over her shoulder; the Wonderbolt's finishing their act with a mighty firework, which reflected in her watery pink eyes. Looking back in front of her again, she felt like she was compleatly lost. Catching the wind under her strong wings, she flew up and landed on her cloud castle like home. She tucked her wings under and went inside.
RainbowDash turned to her mirror and looked inside it. Staring back at her was the same pink eyes, rainbow mane, and blue face. "Jeez...what am I supposed  to do? I can't let go of Soarin! But I have too...I feel so much more safe and loved around BrayBurn...Grrr!" She thrust her hoof on the ground. "RAINBOWDASH!"
"Eh?" She turned her head and trotted outside. Seeing BrayBurn. "Rainbow, get down here now!" Rainbowdash looked at him. He was a earth pony. Knowing he couldn't fly she glided down and landed softy. "I'm sorry about earlier BrayBurn!" But BrayBurn lifted his hoof and pulled it off and placed it on his heart. "I am truly sorry. I wouldn't want to destroy our friendship...." Rainbowdash raised an eye brow. "What are you getting at?" The stars reflected in his big green eyes. "Dash, I love you. I know we have only known each other for a few days..but...RainbowDash..."
RainbowDash stopped dead still and her eyes widened. Her wings behind to tremble, and it felt like her legs where going to give way. Her heart thudded so hard in her chest; it felt like it was going to burst out at any second. Although she was completely scared and confused. Her voice was still noble and strong.
"Oh BrayBurn I...I....."
Wow. I finished it early. I liked making this chapter! :D hehe oh BrayBurn your such a flatter'er ;)

Cant wait to make the next one

Dont forgot! :iconcommentplz:
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corby12 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
His name is spelt Braeburn
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